• Who Are We?

Impact Academy is the first national training provider to deliver the Junior Energy Manager level 3 apprenticeship. We work with some of the UK’s leading organisations and local governments to enable them to meet their commitments to the Governments 2030 and 2050 sustainability agenda, we strive to provide training to develop talent for a greener future.

Energy is the Core of our business, however we do offer other apprenticeships and deliver them with a real Green ethos included in all apprenticeships.

Impact Academy can help businesses to gain further clarity on energy, sustainability and our carbon footprint by offering a free One day course to employees to raise awareness of daily routines that can make a real impact upon the future of our planet.

Our office is based in Warrington but we deliver courses to our Learners across England. The main Apprenticeship which we deliver is the Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship. Supporting our courses, we have been very particular when selecting tutors to ensure that our Learners’ have the best training experience, built with Energy knowledge.

We welcome training to a diverse mix of individuals, these range from school leavers, new into the job world, to long-term employees wanting to develop.

Whilst being the most cost effective way to broaden organisations, Apprentices will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the company with their new ability to learn a new programme. So we hope to continue to build relationships with organisations across England to improve their business and work together to essentially develop their Employees and our Learners in this niche job sector.

Keith Pugsley - JEM Tutor

Keith began his working life as an apprentice electrician, then returned to full-time education completing a diploma in technology and going on to complete a BSc. honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has since spent over thirty years working in industry for numerous high- profile multi-national engineering organisations, systems integrators, and running his own business as an OEM, designing, building and installing electronic controls and machines for the textile industry. He has extensive experience in business, working as a technical marketing manager and business development manager in industrial automation, motion control, and robotics. More recently his desire to move into the environmental workplace, led to him obtaining an MSc in Architecture, Environmental and Energy studies, and then following a long-held desire to enter the education profession, training as a Secondary school teacher in Mathematics. Having successfully gained his PGCE at Warwick and qualified teacher status, he taught maths for 11 to 18-year olds, in the midlands before joining NETS, as a tutor for the new Junior Energy Manager and Community Energy Specialist apprenticeships.

He has a passion for sustainability and takes pleasure in helping to build skills for future leaders of environmental sustainability. He takes great delight in seeing the energy and passion of his students, eager to make a positive impact on our society and protect our common resources and future heritage.

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to develop the most sustainable, energy efficient, carbon positive society possible. We aim to do this by becoming the leading training provider supporting individuals and organisations with all things green. We also plan to become the first true net zero training provider in the country. We want to help change the shape of how education and training is delivered so that it too supports a more sustainable future for all of us and the generations to come.

So how are we going to achieve this?

We have set out a clear strategy to include the following:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of training the workforce on sustainability and energy efficiency, enabling businesses to manage associated risks in a more effective way
  • Lobby government to make sustainability and energy efficiency a mandatory element of all training alongside Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values, Health & Safety and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Promote the positive influence our programmes are having on individuals and organisations quantifying the economic and social impacts
  • Become the first education establishment in the country to gain accreditation for social impact and promote the value of this within the adult education sector
  • Work with partner organisations to develop a greater breadth of sustainability and energy related programmes aligned to the needs of business and supporting economic growth whilst also developing a range of progression routes
  • Work with government to ensure all funding and regulatory bodies fully embrace the use of technology in the delivery of education and training and challenge any negative perceptions related to the quality, cost and impact
  • Position ourselves to be available, participate in and, where possible, lead on all government and sector lead consultations and pilots relating to a more sustainable and energy efficient approach to the delivery of education and training
  • Become in leader in promoting sustainability within the Adult Education sector by writing and implementing a Net Zero carbon strategy with the aim of achieving this by 2025

Why not find out more about how we can help you?

Impact Academy provides Apprenticeships specialising in Energy, supporting organisations to become more energy efficient whilst building a talent for a greener future. WHO ARE WE? Find out more HERE.

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